Sparks is a coin using the Neoscrypt algorithm, with 50% reward of miners and 50% reward for masternode.

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The main goal is to develop the crypto currency as a single, decentralized payment system for paying of goods and services around the world. Development priorities: super fast transaction, anonymity, security, masternodes help to keep integrity of network and provide instant and safe transaction.


Symbol: SPK
Algo: Neoscrypt
Block time: 120 Seconds
Difficulty adjustment: each block
(Dark Gravity Wave)
Block Reward: 18 per block
Masternode Reward: 50% Block reward
Mining Reward: 50% Block reward
Darksend: Yes, TX obfuscation
InstantX: Yes
RPC port: 8890
P2P port: 8893
Max Supply: 36,800,000
Premine: 650.000*
* Premine is for things such as listings and dev fees
Super Fast

The transactions Are lighting fast, thanks to InstantSend integration


POW and Masternode network protects transactions

Asic Resistant

Superior, efficient and fair mining that runs using GPUs


Transactions are completely anonymouse using darksend

Difficulty Retargeting

Difficulty retargets using Dark Gravity Wave


Masternodes help keep integrity of network and enable support for Darksend and instant send

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Private payments online using our secure open-source platform hosted by users around the world.
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Roadmap 2.0

  • December 2017 - Start project
  • January - March 2018

    Start mining.
    Attraction of investments.
    Start official website and official block explorer.
    Development of a web wallet.
    Testing the sparks as a single payment system.
    Preparation of project documentation
    (roadmap, whitepaper, manuals).
    Updating wallets elimination of minor problems.
    Design updated wallet.

    Planned exchanges: StockExchange, TraderSatoshi, –°oinExchange, SouthExchange, Yobit.
    Monitoring MN: Mnrank, Mntop, Masternode.Online, Masternodo.

  • March - June 2018

    Development of applications on platforms iOS, Android. Preparation of all necessary documentation for the payment system.

    Planned exchanges: Bittrex, Kraken.
    Conducting promotional campaigns to attract more people. (Youtube)

  • June - September 2018

    Beginning of integration into the payment platform as a decentralized payment system.

    Planned exchanges: Poloniex, Bitfinex

  • September - December 2018

    Summing up the annual results.
    Attraction of investors for the next working year.
    Creating a roadmap version 3.0.


Coins for Node 1000 Coin price, BTC 0.00001724 Coins per Day 6.10 Locked
Nodes 1062 Coin price $0.1021 BTC per Day 0.00010519 101.93%
Node price, BTC 0.01724000 ROI, Yearly 222.71% $ per Day 0.62 Coin Supply
Node price $102 ROI, Days 164 MarketCap $106 347 1 041 938
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